Family Wedding

I have not been posting here for a few days. A busy family time…as my younger son got married on Friday 11th November. A severe case of Empty Nest Syndrome.

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7 Responses to Family Wedding

  1. pippakin says:


    Just happened to be passing and thought it a good idea to own up. I enjoy your blog. Hope the happy couple live happily ever after.

    • Thanks Pippakin. Not seen you much on Slugger recently. But I am in the process of withdrawing from Slugger myself. In part this is because I am now committed to a political party and it is inappropriate to comment on Slugger. In part its because Slugger is in decline as a forum…”threads” are started by some obsessives…..but the real worth of Slugger is the contributions from “commenters” who represent a range of opinion.
      Indeed if the Slugger “core” team has any real worth at all, it is to make bad points that are seized upon by people who can make much better points. It is rarely a matter of “nationalist” commenters outpointing “unionists” or vice versa but rather a matter of the rabble outpointing the elite.
      Of course the rather peculiar and highly individualistic (downright favouritism) in the disciplinary procedures underscores the pomposity of the message board.
      It is NOT revolutionary. I have described myself as a Blagger rather than a Blogger……….and have deliberately invoked the glorious memory of the Skibbereen Eagles “Eye on the Czar of Russia” as a reference to the sheer overblown credibility that “Blogs” attribute to themselves and each other.

      • pippakin says:

        Thanks for the reply FJH.

        I still read Slugger every day for several reasons. Its the best of its kind, it can be funny and I just like to keep up to date with many different opinions. I don’t comment much at all now because when I start I ‘talk’ too much and I was told to shut up so often that sooner or later I had to hear it! I read on Slugger that you had joined the SDLP and I wish you and the party luck.

        Speaking generally all NI blogs, especially the political ones, need to diversify. The peace is holding people are relaxing and I think as they do the ‘soap box’ will have outlived its usefulness I too get the strong impression that there is an elite on blogs like Slugger, a pity because as a socialist I couldn’t possibly be in favour of such a hierarchy. I wish you well and if its alright with you will continue to read your blog.

      • Yes, please feel free to read this Blog. And indeed to comment.
        I think the self-regarding nature of Slugger O’Toole….the tendency to believe that it is actually important, rather than just one step up from Super Mario computer game…..has led people to look for alternatives. Slugger would always be the market-leader of course.
        Incidently Ive tried to find your blog but no real success.
        I DID find your page. And coincidently you have an interest which I had circa 1998-2002.

  2. pippakin says:


    Now I’m curious what interest do we share?

    I don’t do much on my blog certainly nothing very political but if you want to have a look its called Nothing but a few stories I’m afraid but you’re welcome to go there.

    • My interest in “Celtic” Spirituality connected me to some other diverse people of ancient spirituality and for a while we had a group of up to 40 people on Yahoo. Some were more active than others. But up to 20 of us use to meet informally in a bar every month for maybe a year. And a smaller “spin off” group for a while. In the end it just petered out. I think the problem was the diversity and lack of focus. I was probably approaching it all from a History/Folklore angle. A pity.

      • pippakin says:

        Oh yes! My interest in the Old Ways. I also take great interest in Irish folklore. Its part of my studies, so much to learn.

        Thanks for replying FJH

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