The Great and the Good are in a tizzy because Carál Ni Chuilín (Sinn Féin) the Minister for Culture, Art and Leisure at Stormont has called (via Twitter) Michael McDowell, a former politician in the Republic a “gobshite”. Now there IS a certain irony that her brief includes “Culture” but I see “Gobshite” as entirely appropriate.

It is a common enough word in Ireland but dramatically increased in popularity thru the Father Ted comedy show in Britain. Typically the aged Father Jack used it to say “whats that gobshite doing on our TV”?………which is perfect usage as Mrs FitzjamesHorse says the same thing most mornings about Eamonn Holmes.

“Gobshite” is a brilliant word and very egalitarian. And very Irish. So its entirely appropriate that the Minister for CULTURE should use it.
Perhaps a team of the Assemblys finest legal minds (Attwood. Allister, Weir) could make a ruling as to its admissability in the Stormont Chamber and we could get to hear the word more often. There are potentially 108 gobshites there.
There are two types of Gobshite……the TOTAL Gobshite who gets a war started on the basis of non-existant weapons of mass destruction………and the harmless Gobshite.
Like six Sinn Féin MLAs (including of course Barry McElduff) putting on their GAA county shirts to highlight that people from Norn Iron dont have a vote in the Presidential Election……….Harmless Gobshites and my kinda people cos Im a harmless Gobshite myself. Most people are harmless gobshites.
Indeed “do you take this harmless gobshite to have and to hold in sickness and in health” should probably be written into Irish wedding services. Sooner or later most Irish wives refer to their husbands as “that wee gobshite”.

Of course with typical pomposity Gobshite-Gate is the “controversy of the day” for Slugger O’Toole. The Great Slugger Annual Quiz (for Haiti) takes place in Belfast tonight and Carál is one of the celebrities who will be asking the questions.

Looking around the gathered Sluggerites and Sluggerettes, she might be tempted to say that she has never seen so many gobshites in one room.

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