GAA and the Police: Outreach

I was also at a Gaelic Athletic Association event in a local club (not my own) today. Tournament for underage teams under 8 under 10 etc.
All the kids received a black goody  bag with the the slogan “Be Social Dont be Anti-Social”. I think the general idea is that its used for carrying football boots etc.

The bag carried the logo of the local (unionist led) council and the District Policing Partnership. Several PSNI (Police Sevice for “Norn Iron”)  folks in attendance. I did wonder about the reaction of local uber-republicans to the goody bag.

Uber-republicans are opposed to the Peace Process and opposed to our new police service. Nice to see one sent his daughter up for another one.

People who are simply republicans/nationalists like myself rather than uber republicans value good (Irish) citizenship as many others in this part of the world value good (British) citizenship.
We are perhaps all better off if young people are simply taught the values of good citizenship of Wherever they give fealty…… the world of the GAA, we are all Irish.
And full credit to those mentors, coaches, parents and (of course) grandparents who value that kinda thing.

Clearly the event that I attended today was hardly “cross community” but its refreshing that events can be carried out in one community…….the “other” (British) community and indeed “cross community”……..and everybody including doddery old folks like me can learn stuff……..and go away refreshed and uplifted by the knowledge that our children wont be condemned to the influences that we knew.

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