The Blogosphere, Blaggersphere And The Czar of Russia

I am not a bit fan of the Blogosphere. Nobody over 35 should take it seriously.

All the Blogosphere really is ….is rather eccentric individuals with far too much time on our hands typing away with a maximum of three fingers. A few years ago a lot of Guardian readers like myself got carried away by the notion of the “Baghdad Blogger” and the concept of the “Citizen Journalist”. The awful reality is that Quantity is not Quality.

Take my least favourite Norn Iron political message board. “In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King”. On message boards, nobody has 20-20 vision. The best contributors are the one-eyed kings who view each newcomer with suspicion. Is he/she blind or a rival one eyed “expert”?

I cant really take it seriously. This is NOT the “Huffington Post” and I cant believe it actually started like this. Bloggers……I prefer the word “Blaggers” are for the most part people who would have kept diaries decades ago. The anonymity of the Internet allows people to portray themselves as “experts”. There is no quality control.

I also cling to my “anonymity” under the nom de guerre, FitzjamesHorse. At least I have to be consistent with anything that I have posted under this name on other message boards in Ireland, Britain and United States.

Which brings me neatly to….the Czar of Russia. Because his ghost hangs heavily over all Blaggers…er Bloggers.

Back in the 1850s, the editor of the small town Irish newspaper (the Skibbereen Eagle)wrote editorials on great world events…hardly of interest to his West Cork readership. Once fulminating about Russian intentions in Afghanistan, he warned that “the Skibbereen Eagle is keeping an eye on the Czar of Russia”.

And thats exactly what I am doing. I am a complete nobody (albeit one who knows a bit about History and Politics) who is keeping an eye on President Obama, David Cameron, the Yoorpeen Union, International Monetary Fund, the Middle East and of course the politics and politicians locally. They must surely be quaking at the thought.

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